BADCamp Hackathon 2024

Have you always wanted to push the edges of Drupal and make something really cool? 

 Social Get together Friday April 12, Hackathon Saturday April13 and Sunday April 14th 

Drupal is already one of the world's best platforms but it can always get cooler.

 Register for the Hackathon  Sign-up to Volunteer

Your task is to develop your idea over two days and wow the judges.

Hackathon Challenge  

🤖 Make something awesome in one weekend. We supply the food, coffee and snacks!

🎉 Win the Grand Prize or other cash prizes.

🧑🏻‍💻 Form a team of friends or contact us to join a team.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Meet other Bay Area technologists and local employers, make new connections.

📅 Join us Friday night for the mixer then again Saturday and Sunday at 9am to hack your heart away.

🌉 Spend weekend in the heart of beautiful San Francisco.

How to Win

At the mixer on Friday night of the Hackathon, we'll tell you how the judges will assess your project along the axes of creativity, degree of technical implementation difficulty and design. Use these guidelines to focus your work to get you the grand prize.


  • 1st Prize $2,500
  • Runners-up (3) $500 

Project Submission

  1. Teams must be ready to present their idea to the judges by 3pm Sunday. 
  2. The project must be have been completed over course of the hackathon.
  3. The project must be compliant with Drupal licensing.

Judging Criteria

Innovation: Judges will give highest marks to innovative solutions to real-life problems.

Design and UX: Judges will take design and user experience into account.


Event date is moving to 2024, see this announcement.
TBDMixer to meet other Drupalists and 
review the Hackathon Judging Criteria.
TBDHackathon Day 1Pantheon HQ
717 California St,     
San Francisco, CA 94108
TBDHackathon Day 2Pantheon HQ
717 California St,     
San Francisco, CA 94108
TBDJudging Session and Award Ceremony 

Open Source Commitment

open source logo Drupal has just been awarded the designation of being a Digital Public Good—so open-source code, collaboration and giving back to the community are in our DNA. Even though you are competing against other teams, please bring the same sense of community focus to your projects and use the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 license.


Code of Conduct

This event falls under the Drupal Code of Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration close?

Registration closes at midnight Thursday November, 16, 2023.

Why would I want to participate?

Aside from competing for great prize money and having a ton of fun, you'll meet recruiters from agencies and companies who use Drupal from around the Bay Area.

I don't know other developers who might want to do this. Can I join another team?

Yes! Contact us and we'll match you up with a team looking for more team members.

Who should participate in the hackathon?

 This hackathon is designed primarily for intermediate and advanced Drupal developers who have an innovative idea they want to implement. That said, a non-Drupal developer can still help and may provide fresh eyes.

Is there support for teams with few Advanced developers?

Yes! We will have expert developers on site that we can assign to your team. 

Can Backdrop be used as the project base? 

Yes. However, we will be providing tools, support documentation and mentorship only for Drupal 9 and 10.

Can we use React for the front end?

You can use native Drupal templates or any open-source framework (i.e. React) you want.

Can we use other libraries or services?

Yes, use any library you wish or connect to online services such as ChatGPT.

Can a person participate remotely?

All team members should be on site during the hackathon…it's more fun that way!